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  1. How does IndusInd Online Fixed Deposit work?

IndusInd Online Fixed Deposit can be opened instantly. Just follow the below 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Visit and fill up the online application.

Step 2 – Check the suitable Fixed Deposit type and authenticate your-self

Step 3 - Complete the application and transfer fund online for deposit creation

Your Fixed Deposit shall be created and a copy of deposit details shall be sent to you.

  1. What are the ways of funding Online Fixed Deposit account? When will the money get credited in my fixed deposit account?

Customers with IndusInd Saving Account: You can fund the online fixed deposit using your saving account via Net Banking. You can also fund through your other bank’s account

  1. When will my Online Fixed Deposit Account get opened?

If funding is from IndusInd Bank Savings account deposit will be opened immediately.

The deposit shall be opened within 2 working days after the application is initiated if funding is from other bank, subject to payment realisation from your debiting Bank and credit from the Payment partner

  1. What are the interest rates for IndusInd Online Fixed Deposit?

The interest rates applicable for IndusInd Fixed Deposit can be seen here

  1. What is the minimum and maximum tenure and amount?

Minimum tenure is 6 month and maximum is 10 years. Minimum amount for Fixed Deposit is Rs. 10,000 and maximum amount is 10 lacs

  1. Are there any pre-mature withdrawal charges?

Penal interest rate charge of 1% would apply on premature withdrawal

  1. Do I need to be an IndusInd Bank account holder to open Fixed Deposit?

Online Fixed Deposit can be opened only by IndusInd Bank customers, non-IndusInd customer can leave their details and will be contacted by our representatives

  1. Do I need to provide any documents for IndusInd Fixed Deposit?

Existing customers do not need to provide any documents however new customers will need to provide an identity and address proof to our branch representatives


  1. Who are eligible to open IndusInd Online Fixed Deposit account?

All resident individuals over and above 18 years of age with valid PAN are allowed to open IndusInd Fixed Deposit online

  1. Can Online Fixed Deposit account be opened in the name of a Minor?

No, the online fixed deposit account cannot be opened in the name of a minor

  1. Is this facility available for existing customers?

Yes, this is available

Fixed Deposit Redemption

  1. How can I redeem/withdraw the fixed deposits opened online?

You can redeem the Fixed deposit by visiting nearest IndusInd Branch or online using IndusNet

  1. How will I receive my interest/maturity?

Interest/Maturity can be credited to the linked IndusInd Savings Account