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Earn 1% extra by converting the final maturity amount of a standard fixed deposit into a gift card

Rs. 15000

Benefits of Opening a Fixed Deposit Online

Benefits of Opening a Fixed Deposit Online

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Book a Fixed Deposit online in a matter of minutes, wherever you are.

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Book Fixed Deposit by pulling funds from other Bank accounts.

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Book a Fixed Deposit and choose the amount, tenure and maturity instructions.


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Do I need to be an IndusInd Bank account holder to book a Fixed Deposit?

Not necessarily. Anyone can book a Fixed Deposit with us.

Do I need to provide any documents for opening the IndusInd Online Fixed Deposit?

At the time of opening,
you do not need to provide any documents. You need to authenticate yourself using Adhaar. However, within the next 1 year from opening fixed deposit, you need to submit your KYC documents. Bank's executive will contact you for the same.

As a Senior Citizen, do I get any extra benefits?

Yes, you can enjoy higher interest rates.

Customer's Speak

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The whole experience was seamless. I could open the Fixed Deposit with only my Aadhar and PAN details sitting in the comfort of my home with no physical documents required.

Mr. Ravi Gupta

I'm pleasantly surprised at how simple and easy it is to bank online. Booking an FD has never been this stress-free, I was done in exactly 5 minutes. I would recommend others to experience this simple process for themselves!

Mrs. Anjali Kapoor

Booking my FD was an absolute breeze. Since I'm always on the move, I don't find enough time to visit my bank, so this definitely solves a major concern and the helpful calculator simply takes my confusion away!

Mr. Vipul Gandhi

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